9/27 Garden day



At the garden we planted seeds in the hoop house and the garden. We are hoping to check on the garden once a week to see how much the seeds grow.  I don’t remember what kind of seed they were but I do remember they are a type of vegetable that last all winter long.  It was nice to get outside in the warm weather.  Some of the class planted starters and the rest planted seeds.  I already knew how to plant seeds so this wasn’t new information for me.

Me and Naomi planted seeds together and worked as a team.


How long do seeds take to grow?

What is the tallest tree in the world?

What are winter vegetables?


9/13 owl report

Dear Mrs. Cuttatree,

I am writing this letter to tell you please don’t cut down all those trees because that is where us owls live.  Also please don’t build your resort on our land.  I am a snowy owl and my scientific name is Bubo scandiacus.  My wingspan is 4 -5 feet. Also my height is 68.58 cm and my weight is 2041.17 grams. I eat more than 1,700 lemmings a year and 3-5 a day and if you build your resort those will be gone too.  Us snowy owls lay 3-11 eggs in a clutch.  I don’t use the trees but I do use the big or the short posts in the woods and I live in the Arctic.  I am white with a little black in me.


-The snowy owl in the arctic