Arctic Fox

In class this week we worked on our biome project.  I and my partner got the Tundra and we had to make a website on WIX.  I had to do research on the arctic fox and write about it.  I also had to do research on how to survive the arctic tundra and I also had to do plants in the arctic tundra.  Here are some facts about the arctic fox:

  1. The arctic fox’s fur changes seasonally.
  2.  The scientific name for the Arctic Fox is Valpus Lagopus.
  3.  The Arctic fox is a member of the Canidae family of animals.


This week in class we worked on our Wix site.  Wix was a little hard at first but then it got easier.  Wix is a website you can use to make your very own website.  Me and my partner picked The Tundra.  We have to do research on plants and animals.  The animal I picked was the Arctic fox and my partner picked the puffins.  The arctic foxes fur changes seasonally.

I learned in WIX that you can design backgrounds to my site and I can add an online store.  I can use wix in the future to make a camping website and I can tell what happend on my camping trip and I can add photos.  During this project I got to use the computer and I got to design my own site.  Working with my partner was hard because I would add something and sometimes it would get deleted.  I think two people use one computer.



Can you make money on wix?

Who is the owner of wix?

How do you create your own online store from wix?

America’s top young scientist

Here is a link to the website I used.

The article is about someone who has found a way to stop Covid-19.  Her name is Anika Chebrolu and she is 14 years old.  Her idea is to stop is to stop covid-19 with a molecule.

The reason I picked this article is because it is interesting how someone could come up with a molecule that can stop covid-19.  This is important to society because millions of people are getting sick and dying of covid-19.

9/27 Garden day



At the garden we planted seeds in the hoop house and the garden. We are hoping to check on the garden once a week to see how much the seeds grow.  I don’t remember what kind of seed they were but I do remember they are a type of vegetable that last all winter long.  It was nice to get outside in the warm weather.  Some of the class planted starters and the rest planted seeds.  I already knew how to plant seeds so this wasn’t new information for me.

Me and Naomi planted seeds together and worked as a team.


How long do seeds take to grow?

What is the tallest tree in the world?

What are winter vegetables?


9/13 owl report

Dear Mrs. Cuttatree,

I am writing this letter to tell you please don’t cut down all those trees because that is where us owls live.  Also please don’t build your resort on our land.  I am a snowy owl and my scientific name is Bubo scandiacus.  My wingspan is 4 -5 feet. Also my height is 68.58 cm and my weight is 2041.17 grams. I eat more than 1,700 lemmings a year and 3-5 a day and if you build your resort those will be gone too.  Us snowy owls lay 3-11 eggs in a clutch.  I don’t use the trees but I do use the big or the short posts in the woods and I live in the Arctic.  I am white with a little black in me.


-The snowy owl in the arctic